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Chiropractic: the Sportsperson's Best Friend

Written By Back to Health Chiropractic and Massage on October 15, 2014


Chiropractic: the Sportsperson's Best Friend


As far as physical health is concerned, weekend warriors can be their own worst enemy. They spend the entire work week looking forward to their time off, and then charge into their high-octane activities like there is no tomorrow. Unfortunately, they often end up paying the price on Monday. If this situation sounds familiar, consider a chiropractor in Vancouver WA to get you back up to par.

Why Use Chiropractic?

In his famous Tarzan novels, Edgar Rice Burroughs describes the unique ability of the ape-man to wake instantly from a deep sleep and spring into action. Unfortunately, the body does not work that way. During sleep or inactivity, the body goes into a goes into a state of altered consciousness where sensory activity is inhibited, along with the full activity of nearly all the voluntary muscles. Bringing the muscles to activity requires a wakeup process. This can be enhanced by proper warm-up activities.
Unfortunately, not all sportspersons respect the need for proper warm-up. In addition, many push themselves too hard during their weekend activities. This can cause the body to be put out of balance. Symptoms of this imbalance can include:
• Pain in the neck or back
• A lump in a muscle or joint
• Headaches
High-Impact Sports
The need for chiropractic increases for high-impact sports. These can include:
• Soccer
• Football
• Racquetball
• Tennis
• Martial arts

Sports and Chiropractic Care

In each of these sports, the muscles are called on to make quick, powerful movements. For example, a proper racquetball hit requires a drop in the knees, a twist of the back, and a swing of the racquet arm. These all affect vulnerable areas of the body.
For these reasons, many feel they should abandon their favorite sports for such low-impact activities as walking or bike riding. However, this is not strictly necessary when chiropractic is available.
Fast Pain Relief
Many patients experience immediate relief after only a single visit for chiropractic in Vancouver WA. A regimen of visits helps maintain balance after an injury. Otherwise, regular monthly visits keep the body in fine-tuned condition.

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