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Coronavirus awareness and protocol at Back to Health Chiropractic and Massage Therapy:

Dear patients of Back to Health Chiropractic and Massage Therapy,

We are taking the Coronavirus pandemic very seriously. We are taking every precaution we can to make sur your patients are safe and healthy. Chiropractic and medical Massage Therapy have been determined to be essential per Governor Inslee. As you known, we take your health very serious. Regular chiropractic adjustments increase your immune system. At this time, it is extremely important to have a strong immune system. Just as Washington believes it is essential for us to stay open, we believe it is essential for you to remain healthy and continue to serve you.

We are doing everything we can to prevent any spread of the Coronavirus. We want you to feel extremely comfortable and safe while visiting the office. After each patient, we are sanitizing to the best of our abilities the chiropractic tabletops, hand rests and any other region which can be contacted. The massage tables are also receiving the same attention. We are making every effort to sanitize door handles, chairs, our front desk, and any other objects that can come into human contact. We are promoting all of our patients to try their best and maintain a 6 foot social distancing range from other people other than their family members.

The doctors and massage therapists are doing everything they can to sanitize between every patient. The doctors will not be sanitizing between family members who are receiving care in the same room unless requested otherwise. Again, the care you are receiving has been approved as essential by the governor of our state.

We are discontinuing the cervical traction and low back wobble exercises until further notice. Hopefully you can understand, it would be extremely difficult to keep them deeply sanitized.
If you have any concerns at all, please let our office know. We would never want you to feel uncomfortable in our office. It is impossible to be perfect in this situation, but we are trying everything possible to be as close to perfect as we can.

Thank you,
Dr. Tom