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Patient Testimonials

“I began treatment at Back to Health when I was about 6 ½ months pregnant. My sciatic nerve had been causing me a lot of pain during the pregnancy and was getting worse the further along I got. After about two weeks of visits (3 times a week) I really noticed a difference in my level of pain. I then reduced to two times a week for three weeks and then once a week until I had the baby. It was amazing. I was able to walk and bend without pain!! The adjustments truly made the last part of my pregnancy pleasant instead of long and painful. A couple of weeks after my daughter Rachael was born, we determined – from her constant and inconsolable crying from about 5PM to 11PM – that she had colic. I remembered Dr. Tom saying he had worked on colicky babies before, so when Rachael was 3 weeks old we brought her in for an exam. We began having her adjusted, and after only three adjustments we saw a drastic improvement!! We continued adjustments three times a week for one more week then dropped to twice a week for two weeks, then once a week for two weeks. I felt like I was finally able to get to know my daughter instead of just trying to “deal” with the constant crying!! Thank you for bringing peace and quiet to our home. I can’t say enough how amazing this was.” -Debbie M.
“I want to thank you for helping to restore my health, and for the honesty you displayed during my x-ray report. Due to my age, I realize that your ability to restore is limited, but I must tell you that I feel so much better, than I did. Other than an undiagnosed case of scoliosis as a child, I feel blessed to have enjoyed my life as a fairly healthy person, living independently at ninety. Of course I have had chronic pain for years, due to familial arthritis. A few years ago I began to experience sever sciatic nerve pain. I tolerated this pain for the most part, but as it became more and more painful and debilitating, I sought medical treatment to no avail. I was given narcotic drugs, which I took only when I could not stand the pain any longer. When my granddaughter suggested I come to your office for x-rays, I must admit I felt doubtful that I could receive any help after so much pain, and at my age. But you convinced me that I could return to some degree of normal living. I have been receiving care for several weeks now, and most of the pain is subsiding. My only regret is that I did not seek chiropractic care earlier. Thank you so much for caring, and offering the free x-rays (that I will admit I would have been reluctant to receive otherwise). Last month my family celebrated my ninetieth birthday with me, and I am now wondering how we will celebrate my one hundredth.” -Maxine F.
“We cannot thank your office enough for giving our daughter, Heather, her self-esteem and feeling in her legs back again after being rushed to Dornbecker Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon. On a Thursday last spring, she called her father and said she felt dizzy and light-headed. Larry was rushing home when I called from my work and told him I could make it faster and to meet me at the house. When I arrived, she was lethargic and unable to hold her upper body in place or carry on a conversation, leading me to believe she had been drugged in some way. I called Kaiser and the recommended I bring her in immediately. From the time Larry was called until we made it to the office in Salmon Creek, she was unable to walk by herself. Kaiser ran all sorts of tests for anemia, blood disorders and drug interactions, and decided to transport her by ambulance and admit her Thursday night into what we thought to be the best children’s hospital in this area. After three days, an MRI of her head and every test done at Salmon Creek all came back NORMAL, the prognosis being that she had a Post-Viral Infection. The comment was also made that this could have happened from stress, as a new baby arrived in the family one week earlier. Never did any of the doctors check her back. Five thousand dollars later, Heather was released Saturday night carried to the car via wheelchair. For eight days we watched out formerly vivacious 11 year-old girl dragging herself on the floor and pulling herself up onto the couch, even requiring help for the restroom. Missing all this time from school she was becoming very depressed, so in my frustration I called her doctor at Salmon Creek. He said he had found nothing, she would probably be walking soon, and mentioned that it could possibly be “Conversion Reaction”, a psychological symptom, and if she wasn’t talking in 4-5 days he would sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk with her! I immediately called your office. Larry carried her through your doors and after just ONE visit she could stand and by that afternoon she walked into your office. You then said bring her back Saturday, but you don’t work Saturdays, right? Not a problem! WOW! Someone who really cares about her, the patient! (By the way, her lower back was so far out of alignment that when she laid on the table, the abnormal curve to her back was so noticeable that if Kaiser had only taken the time to check one SMALL item they would have seen it themselves.) You fixed the problem in a half an hour. THANK YOU so much for this life renewed to normal mobility. We felt so welcome in your office from day one, and your staff recognized us by name every time we revisited. You will always have our praise and thanks for giving out daughter back to us again.” -Larry and Pam M.
“I could never thank you enough for helping me regain my life back. Two years ago I was diagnosed with asthma. My symptoms at that time were mild and fortunately did not impede my life. As a marathon runner, exercise and training are not only important, but also a very large part of my life. Last fall I began to experience shortness of breath while running. My symptoms quickly worsened and within three days I was in a constant state of dyspnea (difficulty breathing). My oxygen saturation decreased from 98% to 85% on room air, and my peak expiratory flow rates deteriorated from 350 L/sec to 150 L/sec. Unfortunately, this was just the beginning. Orthopnea (discomfort in breathing in a lying position) soon developed form my chronic state of hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and I was unable to sleep lying flat. I spend five weeks sleeping upright on the couch, leaning against pillows attempting to find comfort. Even then I could only sleep sixty to ninety minutes at a time before once again awaking in a severe shortness of breath. Professionally, I am a Respiratory Therapist. Caring for people with lung disorders is my vocation, I am familiar with the therapeutic modalities of treating asthma, and however, I was now unable to help myself, let alone my patients as I begin to miss days of work. Medical doctors chose to treat me with high doses of Prednisone (80 mg/day), small volume nebulizers using Albuterol for bronchodilation, and inhaled corticosteroids. Not only did these medications double my heart rate and facilitate my insomnia, they also did nothing to decrease my asthmatic symptoms and the side effects from taking steroids added to my anxiety and depression. Tom, within two weeks I deteriorated from a 50 mile a week runner to a severe asthmatic. I could not walk up a flight of stairs, let alone run. I was missing work, sleep deprived from the drugs, and severely depressed. Everything I loved to do in my life had been taken away from me. It was in this state of health that I came to see you. After my first adjustment I began to feel the difference. Breathing was no longer a conscious effort as my body began to relax. After two sessions I was weaning off my steroids, and following the third session I went for my first run in six weeks. You continued to work with me throughout my time of healing. I greatly thank you for getting me off ALL the medications by my fourth adjustment! Tom, you took me from the greatest state of pain to the greatest state of joy by restoring my health allowing me to return to the activities in life which I enjoy the most. I am currently running 35-50 miles a week, my peak expiratory flow rates are measuring 450 L/sec, surpassing all prior measurements, and I am training for my next race. Thank you, Tom for working a miracle in my life.” -Kelli