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The Doctors

Dr. Thomas Saeman, D.C.Dr.Tom

My name is “Dr. Tom” Saeman. I Absolutely Love Being A Chiropractor. I graduated from Western States Chiropractic College located in Portland Oregon in 1995. I opened Back to Health Chiropractic and Massage in 1996. I have seen many miracles occur through this office. I have seen patients who have been in moderate to severe pain for decades on multiple medications to control the pain. Many were on medications to control the other side effects of the pain medications. In a short period time, these patients begin to see their life come back with little to no pain and most important they are off of the medications with the horrible side effects. I have seen miracles that most people would not believe chiropractic could help. There are too many miracles to mention. At our office we have a wall full of testimonials that would bring tears to most people’s eyes. There is nothing more rewarding to me than being able to use my experience and skill to change the quality of life of an individual. I have traveled all over this country to seek the best techniques available today, to give the best care possible. I put my heart in every patient entering this office. I love to teach. If you desire to learn more about health, I have in office lectures on nutrition, exercise, stress relief, toxins of the effects on your body and many more topics.

I have lived a blessed life in this region since 1991. My wife and I have been married since 1991. We live in Hockinson, WA. I have four children. We attend Anthem Church in Portland. We are a very active family enjoying many sports and other activities. I have coached my son’s baseball and football teams. My family lives a healthy chiropractic lifestyle. The benefits of this lifestyle are immense. I love teaching my patients how to live a much more abundant life with great health.

Chiropractor Dr. Jon Sears

Dr. Jonathan Sears

My name is “Dr. Jon” Sears. I graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in in Portland Oregon in 1997. I have been part of the Back to Health Chiropractic and Massage team since 2001. I love being a chiropractor. Since our approach is to get to the root of the problem, it is amazing to be able to help people achieve better health without having to rely on medications. I love seeing the mindset of patient change. We have seen many miracles in this office. One of the best parts about what we do is seeing families make the choice together to make a change in their lives. We are able to teach our patients about proper spinal care, nutrition and exercise. It is always exciting to see patients focus on complete wellness, not just getting out of pain.

When I am not at the clinic I enjoy spending as much time as I can with family. I have been married to my beautiful wife and best friend, Roxanne, since 1993. We have been blessed with six wonderful boys that keep us very busy.