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5-Point Posture Checklist When Working at Your Computer to Avoid Back & Neck Pain

Written By Back to Health Chiropractic and Massage on July 3, 2019

Woman experiencing back pain from poor postureChances are, most of your time is spent at work in front of a computer, which is where many posture problems occur. It’s fairly simple to train your body to sit differently in order to avoid further back pain, and these tips should help.

Improve Your Posture at Work

Here’s a checklist of proper sitting posture tips to remember when at your computer.

Sit Close to Your Desk

If you’re too far away from your desk, your body will naturally crane to view the computer monitor. Likewise, you shouldn’t be reaching for your keyboard, as this can also cause your body to bend unnaturally.

Go Back-to-Back with Your Chair

Sitting at the end of your chair can occur if you’re working furiously on a great idea, but it removes any support for your back. Instead, sit all the way back in the chair, so your back is pressed up against the chair support.

Have a Level Eyeline

To prevent your neck from craning, make sure you’re at eye-level with your monitor. If your computer is unable to adjust its height, you may have to obtain a higher desk.

Use Your Armrests

Armrests are for more than comfort since they support your arms’ weight and take that pressure off the rest of your body. Not using armrests will strain your shoulders and back over time.

Buy a Proper Chair

A proper office chair should have armrest, a full back, and head support. It’s your best defense against your natural inclination to slouch.

Keeping a Proper Computer Posture

Understanding computer ergonomics and proper sitting posture can go a long way in preventing future neck and back pain.   

Would you like to learn more about prevention techniques for neck and back pain? Consider making an appointment online or by phone (360-253-4285) with Back to Health Chiropractic & Massage in Vancouver, WA. Education is as much our mission as healing.

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