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5 Signs You Have a Bulging Disc and Need Bulging Disc Treatment ASAP

Written By Back to Health Chiropractic and Massage on October 4, 2019

Man with disc bulgPeople with a bulging disc say that it results in some of the worst pain they’ve ever experienced. 

If you are diagnosed with a bulging disc, your Vancouver, WA chiropractor will create a bulging disc treatment plan to help significantly reduce pain and reduce your risk of further damage. 

5 Signs You Need Bulging Disc Treatment in Vancouver, WA

How do you know whether you have a bulging disc or not? Here are some of the symptoms

1. Muscle Weakness 

Do the muscles in your back, legs, or arms feel fatigued? Then, you may very well have a bulging disc. 

2. Deep Pain in Your Neck or Back

Whenever a disc bulges, it puts pressure on the nearby nerves, leading to pain

3. Pain That Radiates Down Your Arms or Legs

You’ll likely notice that pain from a bulging disc isn’t limited to the area of the spine where the disc in question is located. Because the nerves run through the body, the pain you feel can be in your legs and arms, as well as your back. 

4. Numbness or Tingling

Another sign of nerve impingement is numbness or tingling. Nearly everyone experiences a pinched nerve from time to time, but if you have a bulging disc, you’ll experience these symptoms with more frequency. 

5. Changes in Bowel or Bladder Function

A bulging disc in the lower back can affect the nerves that supply the bladder and bowels. When this happens, patients might experience urinary incontinence and/or loss of bowel control. 

How Your Chiropractor Can Help You Find Relief from a Bulging Disc

If you notice these symptoms, talk to your Vancouver, WA chiropractor, Dr. Thomas Saeman, D.C. immediately. They can create a bulging disc treatment plan that will reduce painful symptoms and prevent them from progressing and from disc deterioration. 

Do you experience symptoms of a bulging disc? Call us today at 360-253-4285 to schedule an appointment. Take steps now to prevent pain and detrimental, long-term issues. 

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