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Can Chiropractors Treat Headaches?

Written By Back to Health Chiropractic and Massage on May 25, 2020

Headache treatment from Back to Health Chiropractic & MassageHeadaches are much more common than you may think. In fact, according to the American Chiropractic Association, nearly nine out of every 10 Americans suffer from headaches regularly. While the severity of each one will vary by individual, many people suffer from chronic pain and are searching for headache treatments that don’t include heavy medication. That’s where chiropractic care comes into play.

Chiropractors Take Headache Treatment to a New Level

Those who suffer from chronic headaches already know that over the counter pain medication doesn’t actually work to treat your headaches. In fact, they only help to mask the symptoms of pain temporarily. This is also true for many pain medications that are prescribed by medical professionals for those who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines. 

While your Doctor of Chiropractic may agree with your medical provider that you require pain medication as a part of your headache treatment, they will also help put together a plan to treat the pain at its source using a variety of headache treatment methods. 

Headache Treatment Methods Available from Your Chiropractor

When it comes to headache treatment methods provided by a Chiropractor, there are several that can be utilized individually or together. After taking a detailed history of your pain and overall health, your Doctor of Chiropractic will discuss with you the many options that are available to help find you the most relief from your headache pain. 

Typically, a Chiropractor will choose to combine several treatment methods, including chiropractic manipulation, physical therapy, and massage therapy to help find you the most relief. While chiropractic adjustments will help to relieve the pain and stress on the joints in your back and neck, physical and massage therapy can both help to stretch the muscles surrounding your pain points, also helping to relieve any pressure that may be causing your headaches. 

Headache Treatments Available from a Team You Can Trust

Here at Back to Health Chiropractic and Massage, our team understands that your headaches shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s why our team of highly trained, dedicated practitioners are here to help you find the right headache treatment option for your individual needs. 

Don’t let pain become a regular part of your everyday life. Schedule your consultation today.

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